Diamond Quartz
Diamond Quartz
Diamond Quartz
Diamond Quartz
Diamond Quartz

Diamond Quartz

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Clarity | Creativity | Spiritual growth

Diamond Quartz is a mesmerizing crystal with incredible clarity. Being from the clear quartz family, it also has the ability to amplify energy and intentions.

Diamond Quartz promotes clarity of thought, boosting creativity, and enhancing spiritual awareness. 

This crystal is perfect for meditation and can help you connect with your higher self and the divine. You can also use it in crystal healing rituals to amplify the energy of other crystals and enhance their healing properties.

Diamond Quartz is a stunning and powerful crystal that can help you connect with your spiritual self, enhance your creativity, and promote overall well-being. Its beauty and energy are truly breathtaking and will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted.

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Nothing is more important than your mental health.

Be sure to take the time you need to do the things that bring you joy, you deserve it.

Whether it's buying yourself something special, taking a relaxing bath, meditation, or just taking a nice nap, self care and mental health matters!

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Love love love lunaloveslotus. Beautiful lady and fantastic work. Super happy and went above and beyond for me to have something so special. Thank you!

Perth, WA

Stunning unique stones beautifully wire wrapped. Wonderful customer service. Stone's I haven't ever seen or heard of (Ametrine!) so you get the best of two in one.

Stacey P
Perth, WA

I was recently diagnosed with arthritis of the spine. Some days the pain was so unbearable I just had no idea what to do. I reached out to lunaloveslotus to see if there was something she could help me with. I ordered a lovely pendant and bracelet and since I’ve been wearing it the pain is so much better. Some days I have nothing. Thank you so much.

Perth, WA

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